Tabla calendario - offset por dia


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Encontré estos links que te pueden servir para lograr el offset que buscas:

RADACAD – 7 May 20

Offset Columns for the Date Table: Flexibility in Relative Date Filtering for... 1

I have written previously provided an all-in-one script for the date dimension, and also wrote an article about the relative date slicer. However, sometimes you cannot use the relative date slicer (timezone issue can be one example), adding offset...

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Este está enfocado en meses pero también se puede aplicar a días:

Fecha actual, mes corriente, día de hoy – Power BI y Business Intelligence 2

Y en este lo aplican por semana:

Enterprise DNA – 27 Sep 20

Using The Offset Function In Extended Date Tables

I'm going to show you how to use the offset function in Power BI. It's one of the most dynamic tools you can use especially in your date tables. Once you ma

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